Welcome to my blog

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog.

First of all, I would like to ask you,,
what does accessibility mean to you?

My name is Scarlette, I am a young lady from Costa Rica who wants to  let you know, how technology makes me see.

I lost my eyesight when I was 14 years old, due to a rare, degenerative desease I was born with.

So yes, I am currently blind….

But that has not ever stoped me from doing what I love.

At this point, people tend to have some questions in mind,
and that’s what this blog is about.

I hope you enjoy getting to know more about my lifestyle,
and please don’t  hesitate   to leave your questions.




Bienvenidos a mi blog.

Antes que nada, me gustaría preguntarles,
¿Qué significa accesibilidad para ustedes?

Mi nombre es Scarlette, soy una joven costarricense que quiere hacerte saber cómo la tecnología, básicamente,  me hace ver.

Perdí la vista cuando tenía 14 años, debido a una extraña enfermedad degenerativa con la que nací.

Entonces sí, actualmente del todo no puedo ver  …

Pero eso nunca me ha impedido hacer lo que amo.

En este punto de la conversación, las personas tienden a tener algunas preguntas en mente,

y de eso se trata este blog.

Espero que disfrutes de saber más sobre mi estilo de vida,

y no duden en dejar sus preguntas.




Bem-vindo ao meu blog.

Primeiro de tudo, gostaria de lhe perguntar ”
o que acessibilidade significa para você?

Meu nome é Scarlette, eu sou uma jovem da Costa Rica que quer que você saiba, como a tecnologia me faz ver.

Eu perdi minha visão quando eu tinha 14 anos, devido a uma doença rara e degenerativa com a qual eu nasci.

Então sim, eu  atualmente não posso ver….

Mas isso nunca me impediu de fazer o que eu amo.

Neste ponto da conversa, as pessoas tendem a ter algumas perguntas em mente,
e é sobre isso que este blog é.

Espero que você goste de conhecer mais sobre meu estilo de vida,

e por favor não    tenha medo de  deixar as suas perguntas.


Filming for youtube with Marwa from “I am Marwa’s Chanel”

Dear ones.


It’s been a while, isn’t it?.

I hope everyone is alright, as always, I’m sending you all my best vibes.

I strongly believe that life always puts you in the right places, at the right moments, with the right people. Maybe not for you to save the world from the hugest meteorite, but definitely it does for you to learn, to reconsider priorities and for you to have a great time.

This past weekend I had the opportunity  to share some time with a friend named Marwa, who’s from Kenya.

For those who are not into geography  as much as us, The Republic of Kenya is  an  African Country which has approximately 46 567 000 people; its oficial language is the Swahili  and  it has borders with Ethiopia at the north, Somalia at the east, Tanzania at the south, and Uganda and South Sudan at the west.

Marwa was passing by Costa Rica as he part of his work, he has  a youtube Chanel about all his  adventures around the world; every time  Marwa goes to a new place, he tries to get to really know the local lifestyle by interviewing everyday   people around him on the streets.

Blind Youtubers interview

After we met in person, Marwa proposed us to film  some nice video, so during his last day in Costa Rica, we met at Parque Francia in between of Barrio Escalante  and Barrio la california to film the videos you have probably already seen on youtube.

become Scarlet challenge

I gat the opportunity to interview him, and I got to know that as a result of an accident when he was younger, he lost his eyesight completely in one of his eyes, so he told his audience about it for the firs time, while he was with me.

Scarlette interviews Marwah in Costa Rica

Pretty meaningful detail!


So for me, it was a pleasure to meet him, and work with him.

My advice for you all is, talk to strangers 😉  you can have a great time.